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It’s good to have questions. We don’t mind and we encourage you to ask us anything you can’t find out on our website. We thought to create this page of frequently asked questions to aid you in finding the answer to the most common ones asked, even some you may not have thought of yourself. Take a look and please don’t be afraid to reach out!

If you’re looking for a laid back stress free wedding experience and your main plan is to enjoy the company of sweet friends. If you really want to celebrate love in a gorgeous environment and have photos that reflect how the day felt, then you’re our kind of people!

Do you edit the photos to our specifications?

We shoot for a certain style. Each photographer will never look the same. If you’re looking for images like those of Annie Leibovitz, you will want to hire her.
The images that you see in our stories and on social media shows the kind of style and the work that we do. We like a game of light and shadows and aim for photographs that show emotion. When you see an image, it should bring you back to that day in memories and in feelings. We work with couples that see this as an opportunity to create beautiful artistic images that inspire. Our favourite images are experimental and don’t adhere to strict guidelines. We won’t always stop to fix your hair or fluff up a dress. We actually want the wind in your hair, the bottom of your dress getting dirty. All the natural moments that give expression to our photographs are the personal, the unique, the “you being you”.  We keep it natural, and focus on the two of you and your love for each other.

How many Images do you give at a wedding?

There is no set number. Why? Each wedding is different and we don’t like to cap it at one amount. We like to give variation and different moving parts mean more images.. if that makes sense. For example, if we are doing getting ready shots, then first look, then ceremony, there will likely be more images than just getting ready and ceremony. If you have us there for 8 hours, vs 6 hours, you will have more images as well.

Do you take family photos?

Yes we do actually, but as separate businesses. Crystal and I (as it’s me, Silvie writing this right now) both own individual newborn/family photography businesses. You can book Crystal at Oh Snap -> http://www.ohsnapphotography.site and me at Hidden Light -> https://www.hiddeninlightphotography

Do you use Photoshop? Can you photoshop this…

We will adjust things that do not normally appear on a daily basis such as acne, scratches or bruises… unless you want us to include them. We do not alter people and try to capture the day as it unfolds.

What if the weather is bad?

If it’s an engagement shoot and it’s pouring rain we can try to reschedule to a different date with no extra fee. If it’s on your wedding day, we embrace it! Even though it can be challenging we adapt with the flow and can get some beautifully romantic images in the rain!bride and groom in woods

Do you offer videography?

By choosing Lavender and Fern Photography, we have a listing of videographers that we know and love.

Will we always have both photographers?

Yes, Crystal and I work together for each and every client. One of the ways we work is by bouncing different ideas off of each other. We are not cookie-cutter photographers. We like to raise the bar with each shoot that we do. The only time we separate is if bride and groom are getting ready in 2 separate locations.

How does payment work?

 We split your payment into two. One half is due when you book, which is a non-refundable retainer to secure your date and our time booked. The rest is due at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding date. We are happy to break payments up after your retainer payment to work with your schedule and make things affordable for you. Parents or contributors can pay but they have to work out the payment through you as all business transactions would be done by you, our client, and not them. This saves from complications & miscommunications. As well, if they contacted us about a designing and creating a parent album, you would be the one making the order and granting access to your images as you will have printing rights and not them.

Have you not seen your question answered here? We got you! Send us a quick message on our contact form and we will get that clarified and off your mind!

Having an amazing crew by your side on your wedding day is one of the best decisions you can make and we would be absolutely thrilled to be part of it!

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